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Free Glazes offered on any Salmon or trout fillet ordered

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Fish Pie and Fish Cakes with other Specialities all delivered and available to buy online.

Tasty Smoked Mackerel blended with soft cream cheese, horseradish, herbs and spices. Great on warm brown bread or in vol au vents....

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Fish Pie

Cod, haddock and smoked haddock with sweetcorn in a tarragon sauce, topped with creamy mashed potato with Caernarvon cheese. Approx 500gm...

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Salmon, Prawn & Whitefish with leeks, served in a béchamel & tarragon sauce. Topped with a creamy mash and Caernarvon mature cheese....

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Thai Fish Cakes

White fish blended with fresh breadcrumbs, shallots, ginger, peppers, lime zest/ juice & Thai herbs & spices.

Salmon, whitefish blended with fresh breadcrumbs, spring onions, orange zest/juice, dill, herbs & spices.

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Cod, red onion blended with fresh breadcrumbs, lemon zest/ juice, herbs & spices with cheese melting middle. Supplied Blast Frozen

Salmon, whitefish with leeks served in a rich stilton sauce topped with a creamy pea- mash and Caernarvon mature cheese. Supplied Blast...

Samphire Grass

Samphire Grass known as sea asparagus. Use as a garnish for all fish and seafood, early in the season (May) can be eaten raw in a salad. Takes...

Welsh Penclawdd laverbread, available all year round. Made from laver, one of the most nutritious varieties of...

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