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Smoked Fish

Smoked Fish available fresh with delivery in Wales and UK - Buy Online

Boneless Kippers

Tasty Kipper that has been filleted ready to eat. They are classed as boneless, however there usually are some small bones in them which are...

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We take our Brown Crabmeat add a little White Crabmeat. Then we cook up some sweet peppers, shallots, ginger and Wholegrain Mustard, add a...

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Superb fish, can be eaten hot or cold. Great in a pate. Full of Omega 3. Plain Supplied in pairs:...

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Manx Kippers

Probably the best kippers you can buy. Renowned worldwide. Supplied in packs of 400gm – 500gm £5.95...

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Selection of mixed Crab Cakes Multipack containing 12 mini Crab Cakes. 6 Traditional Blend / 6 Sweet Chiili Blend...

The Nations favourite fish cod now brought to you not only skinless but smoked also. Great flavour, firm with large flakes....

Cold smoked haddock, sweet and succulent, no additives. Wonderful subtle taste. Great in fish pies, kedgeree, poached in...

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Cold smoked haddock, sweet and succulent, natural colouring turmeric obtains the rich yellow colour preferred by many. Great in fish pies,...

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Smoked Salmon

Traditional Cold Oak Smoked Salmon. Versatile Luxury product can be enjoyed in so many ways. Supplied Fresh. Freezes well.

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