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Free Glazes offered on any Salmon or trout fillet ordered

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Delivery to mainland UK only.

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish and Frozen Fish - seafood with delivery all available to buy and order online throughout Wales and the UK

Trout Fillets

Rainbow Trout has a pink flesh similar to salmon but far more delicate flavour. Portion size 2 x Fillets per pack £9.95...

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Whole Bass

Firm white flesh, superb flavour. Often served stuffed and baked. Fish size Large approx 600-800gm £8.95 Supplied...

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Squid Tubes

Cleaned and prepared, perfect for stuffing with prawns, peppers and rice. Easy to prepare dish. Supplied Frozen only....

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River Cobbler

Skinless, boneless river fish. Firm white flesh great for fish goujons and curries. Supplied Frozen only

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We take our Brown Crabmeat add a little White Crabmeat. Then we cook up some sweet peppers, shallots, ginger and Wholegrain Mustard, add a...

Selection of mixed Crab Cakes Multipack containing 12 mini Crab Cakes. 6 Traditional Blend / 6 Sweet Chiili Blend...

A delicate cold smoked Loch Trout. Superb with Salad and New potatoes. In sandwiches, Pates, .Great with poached and...

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If you like Trout fillets, you will Love these Trout Portions. Superb delicate fish High in Omega oils Supplied Skinless...

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