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Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish and Frozen Fish - seafood with delivery all available to buy and order online throughout Wales and the UK


Firm meaty texture fish similar to Tuna but much lighter in colour. A great one to marinade. Portion size approx. 250 gm...

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Trout Fillets

Rainbow trout has a pink flesh similar to salmon but far more delicate flavour. Filleted ready 2 Portion size approx. 145-...

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1 st Grade Quality. Popular meaty texture fish deep red in colour. Great one to marinade. We choose the best quality Tuna available, then...

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Top Chefs favourite regarded as ‘The Best’. Firm white Succulent Flesh. Fish Size 800gm - 1kg £19.50 Supplied Fresh...


Fantastic source of protein, calcium and high in Omega 3. Supplied in 450gm bags. Frozen only. £5.00

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Whole Bass

Firm white flesh, superb flavour. Often served stuffed and baked. Fish size approx 300-400gm £4.25 approx...

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Whole Lemons

Delicate sweet white creamy texture. Best cooked simply. Portion size per fish 500gm -700gm £9.95...

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Whole Plaice

Mild and delicate fish. Supplied in two sizes ready for you to prepare. Portion size: 400gm – 500gm...

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Whole salmon

UK Family Favourite Fish. Rich and Unique in its flavour with a firm slightly oily flesh. Can be poached, baked, pan fried, barbecued,...