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Brown Crab



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We catch all our Crab from our own boat ‘The Celtic’. All our crab are sustainably caught in pots, we are very particular in what we land. We choose a larger than average crab and put the rest back to allow them to grow and continue to breed. We process crab during the summer season twice a week and twice a month during the winter season. All our whole Crab are steamed not boiled, this retains more flavour. We supply these crab fresh or blast frozen. Prices quoted are for ‘live weight’, this is quoted as during the cooking process approx. 10% of live weight is lost. If you select Fresh we may have to substitute it with Blast frozen if Fresh is unavailable.

Size (Live weight):

700-800gm £7.90

800-900gm £8.90

900 – 1kg £9.90

Supplied Fresh (if available) or Blast frozen

We organise deliveries on a 24 hour basis and deliveries are made on Wednesday and Friday to the Mainland UK.

For Wednesday delivery we must receive your completed order by 3pm on Monday.

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We will do our very best to deliver within these timescales, however there may be occasions we may be unable to get a courier for required day. Also we will delay deliveries if we are enjoying extreme hot weather, in these instances we will notify you as soon as we can.

If you're not at home upon the parcel arrival please leave clear instructions where to leave your parcel.

Your goods will be packed in a polystyrene box with gel packs to maintain the correct temperature during the delivery period. Please ensure you do not delay unpacking your delivery upon receipt , this will ensure that your purchase will be enjoyed at their best. Upon receipt open your package and deal with your goods immediately either transfer to fridge or freezer.

Everything is clearly labelled with all the information you will require.

Re use the poly box, ideal for transporting chilled items. The Gel packs are not designed for reuse, however you can use the box with an ice pack.

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